Ice cream shop (:

Today I started working in an ice cream shop placed in Salzburg.
The only reason I started working there is that I want to have more money for travelling.
Because on Friday in school our spanish teacher told us that we are going to fly to Malaga next Fall and I really need to have money to join the trip.

After work I went to the old town of Salzburg with a friend and found a few very cool shops. So if you ever come to Salzburg remember my post (:

-Traum Baum: Chiemseegasse 3
Clothes, Accesoires
This shop is a little bit alternative but never the less you can find really cool stuff there. All things are fairtrade and from countries all over the world.


-American Heritage: Goldgasse 12
There you can buy everything connected with the States. Jelly Beans, home-office supplies, wrapping paper, popcorn machines and many more.


-Indigo, Rudolfskai 8 or Europastraße 1
Here you can buy unusal food like Sushi, Maki, Curry, Couscous and Soups (of course desserts too) from all over the world. The restaurant offers great possibilities to sit because it’s very conmfortable. It’s one of my favourites because you can just relax and you always get the feeling your in another country I promise! (;

Enjoy your Saturday evening (:


Ice cream shop

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