Im totally excited to go to Croatia next week with few of my best friends. This pic was taken last summer in Porec, also croatia where we spent our family holiday.

Few things you should remember when you’re going to Croatia:
– Your Passport and maybe a visum
– Lots of sunlotion
– Water because you can’t drink the tabwater (or you buy it there, but it’s very expensive)
– Your bankcard because you have to change your money into Kuna and its cheapest when you directly get it from the cash machine. Even Croatia is Europe, it’ll take two more years for them to get the Euro.

Adios ♥


Excited about Croatia (:

9 thoughts on “Excited about Croatia (:

  1. Where would you recommend going in Croatia?! I’m going travelling there this summer and have no idea where to start!!

    • Hmm.. difficult to say.. maybe as mentioned Porec would be a great idea, and Umag too. These too are good for beach-and-sea holidays
      What Im definately recommending is Pula because then you could easily go on to Rovinj. Here you can have history and beautiful beaches.
      If you like historical things then go to Dubrocnik. It’s famous for its wonderful port and it’s also called “pearl of the Adriatic”.
      For my point of view it’s not important where you are in croatia (as long as you stay close the coast) its always beautiful (:

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