Croatia 2014 ♥

Hi folks,

as you might remember, I had spent a trip to Croatia a month ago.
I’m pretty sorry that I haven’t written sooner, but right after we came back from croatia, the finals had started.
Now I know that I’ve passed and I’m so proud of myself.

Me and few of my best friends had a great time in Croatia.
Our hotel was beautiful. Me and my best friend shared an appartment with a kitchen, a bedroom, living room and a terrace from where you can see the sea. The food was delicious, and there were lots of vegetarian dishes too (:
We went to Umag to play tennis, but in the end, the tennis lessons only covered up about 3 hours of our day. Most of the time, we spent on the beach or by the pool. The sea was amazing, not warm, not to cold, just refreshing. From time to time there were harmless jellyfish.
One Night, we went to Umag city. There were many little shops with the same things like fake louis vuitton bags, iphone covers …
Then we sat down in a bar and drank cocktails. The croatians really know how to mix them well (;
I have to say it’s super beautiful in Umag, and if you want to go there, want to see pictures or have any questions just contact me.

have a nice monday xx

Croatia 2014 ♥

Ice cream shop (:

Today I started working in an ice cream shop placed in Salzburg.
The only reason I started working there is that I want to have more money for travelling.
Because on Friday in school our spanish teacher told us that we are going to fly to Malaga next Fall and I really need to have money to join the trip.

After work I went to the old town of Salzburg with a friend and found a few very cool shops. So if you ever come to Salzburg remember my post (:

-Traum Baum: Chiemseegasse 3
Clothes, Accesoires
This shop is a little bit alternative but never the less you can find really cool stuff there. All things are fairtrade and from countries all over the world.


-American Heritage: Goldgasse 12
There you can buy everything connected with the States. Jelly Beans, home-office supplies, wrapping paper, popcorn machines and many more.


-Indigo, Rudolfskai 8 or Europastraße 1
Here you can buy unusal food like Sushi, Maki, Curry, Couscous and Soups (of course desserts too) from all over the world. The restaurant offers great possibilities to sit because it’s very conmfortable. It’s one of my favourites because you can just relax and you always get the feeling your in another country I promise! (;

Enjoy your Saturday evening (:

Ice cream shop

Im totally excited to go to Croatia next week with few of my best friends. This pic was taken last summer in Porec, also croatia where we spent our family holiday.

Few things you should remember when you’re going to Croatia:
– Your Passport and maybe a visum
– Lots of sunlotion
– Water because you can’t drink the tabwater (or you buy it there, but it’s very expensive)
– Your bankcard because you have to change your money into Kuna and its cheapest when you directly get it from the cash machine. Even Croatia is Europe, it’ll take two more years for them to get the Euro.

Adios ♥

Excited about Croatia (:


Last week I found out that doing what you love is the key to happiness.
I took time for myself, put my blackberry away and just done what i love to do such as reading, meeting old friends, listening to some good music…
Sometimes its important to have that kind of lazy days (:



Do you ever feel like you wanna get away? Take the next flight to a destination that is magical to you and you’ve always wanted to visit ?
Describes my feelings at the moment very well. And my destination is India. Unfortunately I’m in business school at the moment and do have to go there for three more years.
I caught me thinking about quitting school, but then I’d have nothing. So I decided to bite through the next three years and look forward because every day is a step closer to travel the world.


Hi (:

First I don’t want to write an blog opening like “Hi everybody, follow me, I’m the best blablabla”

So here is my own opening:
Hi, my name is Lena and I come from Austria. I’m sixteens years old and totally stressed out with school, so I decided to do my own blog, to free my mind.I like fashion, books, movies, my friends and family and of course FOOD ♥
I do not really know, if there will be anyone reading my blog. But who cares? Because I do like to share my opinion even if there is no one who wants to hear about it.  

Yaay I’m excited (: